The World is Waiting to Know You

I help creative, courageous, and stressed out people explore the alchemy of their being; release false identities, terminate untrue stories, and find self-love again... deep within their wholeness.


You are not Your Mind. You are not Your Body. You are a Whole Being. You are Worthy of Love.

BodyMind® Coaching combines bodywork with a structured coaching conversation to address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of stress and pain - so you can find your way yourself.

Discover Your Inner Wisdom

The answers are already within you. I approach this work from a place of wholeness, meaning I truly believe that no one is “broken”. The thing is—you are more powerful than you can imagine. With that said, discovering that power can often push up against the borders of your comfort zone. Here’s the other thing—you don’t have to do it ALONE! 

Dismantle Your Limiting Beliefs

I believe we resist change because it means losing a part of our identity. We find ourselves STUCK in a cycle of weaving unhealthy patterns and habits. We get trapped in the same relationships and keep picking the wrong partners. Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? What does your self-love meter look like? Are you afraid of being alone?

Reconstruct Your Story

We all have a story. Do you find yourself reliving the same chapters over and over again? Is your story TRUE? By learning to connect with our bodies and our minds, we can renew our relationship with the world around us and begin to craft a story that illustrates the life we want to live and the essence of the person we truly are. The world is waiting to know you.

Hi, I'm Amy Trujillo

A Massage Therapist and a Yoga Teacher that uses BodyMind Coaching to help my clients get lasting relief from chronic stress and pain- so they can thrive in their ELEMENT.

Just like you, I’ve experienced many setbacks in my life. I've experienced trauma, great loss, mind-blowing love, and above all freedom to be my true self.

My story is meant to inspire you to cultivate a life fueled by your creative passions and governed by rules that you decide. My story is a self-love story.


Offerings & Programs

Think of the ripples on the surface of a pond when you throw in a stone. Looking from above, circular waves radiate out from the point where the stone hits the water, as the energy of the collision makes water molecules around it move up and down in unison. Metaphorically, we will journey together to that place where the stone first meets the water. For starters, we will dive deep into the quiet stillness that holds your truth. The answers you will discover there will embolden you in both your professional and personal life.

"Amy is like a mind-body-soul anthropologist...reminding us of who we really are and delving through layers of story. She helped me see that I am not alone and we are all connected. Very gentle, yet passionately strong and generous with her work. A sincere desire to connect and uplift others."

Lylah M.
Mama & Teacher

"First off, [Amy} has one of the truest gifts of deep compassion and love of anyone I know. She helped me in so many ways...encouragement, growth, self-discovery, and helped me change my patterns during a time of transition. I have learned how to be true to myself. She combines bodywork with coaching to allow space for the body to relax, release, and heal itself, along with coaching to help clarify and identify a vision, ignite your passion, and discover true connections in relationship and within yourself. More than I could have ever asked for."

Christy M.
Massage Therapist

"I would recommend Amy to anyone looking for guidance, love, and acceptance in a natural, spirited way. She is organized and nurturing. I personally love how gentle she is while still getting in the the deep stuff without it being painful. "

Molly R.

"Amy has an ability to hold neutral space regardless of the topic of conversation. One gift I received in working with her was our retreat weekends. I was able to have fun and PLAY! We forget to schedule time for ourselves. The gift of presence and a weekend devoted to me is something I usually don't get."

Lauren G.
Equestrian, Trainer

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